Wednesday, March 14, 2007

State of the Unions

I stumbled across this AFSCME ad -- redubbed so that it's not exactly safe for work -- over at the time-wasting emporium known as

I think the unions might want to try this in-your-face approach for real, just to see the look of panic spreading across Lou Dobbs' face.


S.W. Anderson said...

That's pretty good. I'm not so sure it would trigger panic in Lou Dobbs. I get the impression the last few years have altered the man's business uber alles outlook.

(Note: A new Blogger wrinkle. There was no word present to type into the word verification box until I clicked on preview and the page refreshed.)

Otto Man said...

You're right, Dobbs has come around to see that business isn't always on the angels' side, but I think he still has some union-hating in him.

I've had that happen with the word verification a couple times, too. Refreshing the page gets it back.

teh l4m3 said...

Tangentially, why don't Bush & Co. just get it over with and call his address "The State of the Confederacy"?

Otto Man said...

I think they're afraid that if they abandon the word "union" then the gays will use it for their gay homo gay weddings.

Mike said...

I want my . . . I want my . . . I want my F-R-T.