Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mourn Ya 'Til I Join Ya

A recent comment by Mr. Furious over at Kissing Suzy Kolber reminded me that we never really provided a wrap-up for the blog. Technically, we never really decided to end it. We all got wrapped up in our "jobs" and "children" and "alcoholism" and basically let the blog wither away into nothingness. We never talked about killing it; we all just drifted away. We might revive it at some point, but for now ... eh.

As I said at KSK, I wish we'd ended it better. We all started phoning it in the final months, and started to look like Fat Elvis circa June 1977, bloated beyond recognition on fried peanut butter & bananner sammiches and fistfuls of barbiturates. So rather than remember us at that stage, feel free to dig through the archives for some of our better efforts and remember us in our prime.

The first year's passable moments are wrapped up in a tidy package for you here; we never did a second-year wrap-up, so have at the monthly breakdowns.

But really, if you're this bored, you should consider volunteering at your local library. Reading is fundamental, people!