Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Greatest Stories Ever Told

I'm happy to announce that this here blog had its first anniversary earlier this week. However, in a moment that reflects poorly on all of our husbandry, the four of us completely forgot the anniversary. So consider this post a belated and much-unneeded attempt to mark the ignominious occasion.

Here are some of our better efforts. Which, upon further review, is very very sad.

Great Moments in Compassionate Conservatism: The Bush team's magnificent handling of Katrina.
Family Values: A nice trip through the Bush family dynasty.
Justice Denied: The short, sad story of Harriet Miers.
Taste the Golden Spray: The Democrats' image problems.
Speak Up: A prescient preview of the State of the Union address.
Manliness, GOP Style: Sen. Ted Stevens takes his balls and goes home.
In Memoriam: The passing and politicization of Coretta Scott King.
Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another: Thoughts on the rubber-stamp Republicans.
Congressional Overlook: More of the same, with an explanation of the Whittington Principle.
Runaway DeLay: A teary farewell to our favorite douchebag.
Gay Panic: It's an election year, Republicans, so roll out the Homobasher 3000!
Foreign Affairs:
Flypaper: Examining the unquestioned brilliance of the Bush team's we're-fightin'-'em-thar-so-we-don't-hafta-fight-'em-here strategery.
Jong-Il Communications: StudioDave solves the North Korean crisis.
Tortured Logic: Remember when we were the good guys?
Stickerhawks: Sen. Santorum insists that bumper stickers are the highest sacrifice of a patriot.
Pundit Bashing:
Communication Breakdown: Our office "dead pool" on which CNN personality would snap first.
The Return of Lucky Ducky: Reviewing the Doughy Pantload's thoughts on Katrina.
Real Adventures in Bizarro Land: An alternate reality comic book starring Sean Hannity and G. Gordon Liddy as freedom fighters in a land dominated by P.C. thugs.
Cranky Old Man: The President Smells Like Mustard: A tribute to Dean Broder.
The Atlanta Hawks Suck: The pithy title says it all.
Maddening: A heartfelt valentine to John Madden.
The Shroud of Turin: Hey, remember the Winter Olympics? Me neither.
Stupor Bowl: The conservatives get all culture-warry about the big game.
And Now There's a Beach Ball on the Field... and The Shatnerizing of Soccer: Our very own Point-Counterpoint on the World Cup.
Culture and Shit:
Worst. Films. Ever.
You're Making My Tombstone!: Dick Clark, way past his prime time.
Science?! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Science!: The magical world of Intelligent Design.
Who Would Jesus Assassinate?: Deep Thoughts from Pat Robertson.
Altar Call: The conversion of John McCain.
Fuck Off and Die: The faith-based war on science.
Real-Life Adventures:
They Can Take Our Lives, But They'll Never Take Our Freedom: True tales of a gas station men's room.
You Can Hardly See Them Nipples: True tales of overweight porn stars in Vegas.
Say "Hello" to My Little Friend: A classic in embedded reporting.
Embedded Reporter #2: Baptist Church Pool Update
Old Stand-Bys:
The very first Friday Random Ten at this site.
My favorite Caption Contest of all time.
Link Dump:
The Old Negro Space Program
How to Become a Republican
Yacht Rock
Ask a Republican
So many memories. So much wasted time.


Thrillhous said...

Wow, Otto. This anniversary present is so much nicer than the crap I usually get my wife. I'm speechless.

Let me say it has been an honor to blog with you guys this last year. There's nowhere else I'd rather burn up the hours I spend at work pretending to be efficient.

norbizness said...

Oh man, do I really have to read all those links for the first... er.. I mean, again? Congratulations! I want you boys to know that if I die, you can take over the Sunday coupon feature.

Otto Man said...

Thank you, thank you. It wasn't easy staying in this rut.

Norb, we're honored to be in the family will. Hopefully, we'll worm our way further into your confidences and move up to inheriting the salad spoons as well.

Smitty said...

I have been and continue to be inspired and entertained by your blog. It is a perfect mix of social and political commentary and occassional wastes of time, which we all need. Congrats on a banner year!

But keep in mind, this compliment is from a drunken hooligan with a blog about beer.

TravisG said...

Jeez, Otto, anybody can round up every post they've written in a year and call it a best-of.

(Or is this one of those recap episodes like Family Ties used to do every couple of months?)

Otto Man said...

But can anyone just poke blindly through the blog archives and come up with a random assortment of postings and then call it a "best of"? I don't think so.

At least it gave me a chance to reread StudioDave's real-life adventure with the plumpers in Vegas.

grandpaboy said...

Congratulations on a year-ish. While I ape your punctuality, I could never imitate your broad national view and allusive snark.

Where do you find the time with all the hours of your lives wasted watching football matches?