Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Like Jokes

Yesterday a neighbor called my wife to inform her that someone was playing "a horrible joke on your husband."

"What is it?" said my wife.

"Someone put an Obama sticker on his car," the neighbor responded with concern.

"Yes, we're democrats."


UPDATE - I just voted and it was actually emotional. I kept thinking about how far this campaign has come. What it means about America. And fuck Bush.


Otto Man said...

The neighbor was probably confused because you fly the flag outside your house, and only Real Americans are allowed to do that.

Voted this morning at 6:15am, and I was already the 45th to do so at my site. Big turnout today.

Ra_wiggum said...

If Obama wins, this Simpsons quote best sums up my feelings:

Bart: I feel so full of...what's the opposite of shame?

Marge: Pride?

Bart: No, not that far from shame.

Homer: Less shame?

Bart: Yeah!

Mike said...

SD - Is that a true story?

Studiodave said...

I swear on all that is holy.

FYI - he's a gun distributor that called.

Wes said...

Studio: I was at the Rec Center in Hapeville at 6:50am...and the line was huuuuuuuge. Took me nearly 2 hours.

Maybe GA goes blue, or at least elects Jim Martin...