Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jesse Ventura Beats Up a Girl

Actually, make that three girls.

He bitchslaps Sean Hannity here and makes Brian Kilmeade of "Fox and Fuhrers" look like the bunched-panties tool he is here.


Smitty said...

Those people are fucking stupid. Especially the moron on The View. Get your facts straight, lady. And you ain't gonna get the straight story from Fox.

Otto Man said...

She really does have a habit of charging ahead with completely incorrect information. You'd think that at some point, she'd start double-checking these things or, better yet, turn off Fox News.

Kenneth Griggs said...

I want to rip a monkey tail off into Elisabeth Hasselbeck's mouth. It's bad enough her husband was a lifetime back-up quarterback, who couldn't even break the line-up when Patrick Ramsey was the signal-caller. If we start any Malthusian experiments, I think the Hasselbeck family is where we should start.

Mr Furious said...

Hasselbeck is the classic case of an empty vessel who checks in with FOX daily to load up on talking points and then sputters them out the rest of the day.

I actually think she believes her bullshit.

All the other asshats? Expert fucking liars.

I want The Body to start tossing people around. That guy's a goddamn hero these days. I wish the hell he was a Senator.