Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Random Ten

I have no idea who this fella is, but he looks like he's equal parts Roy Orbison, Nacho Libre, and Elvis Aron Presley, and that's alright with me. I am a little disturbed that a man who goes by the name of "Orion" has the nerve not to wear a belt. I guess he doesn't care if he makes the astronomers cry.

Busy week, so let's cut to the chase:

1. Tom Waits, "Way Down in the Hole" -- Even if you're not a fan of Tom Waits (and given the fact that his voice was best described as sounding like a man who'd gargled hot tar), you might recognize this song from the opening credits of "The Wire." They used a different version each season, but the second season (on the docks) used his original. This is from Frank's Wild Years, one of my all time favorites. 10/10

2. Shirley Bassey, "Hey Big Spender (Wild Oscar Mix)" -- The brassy Miss Bassey did some fantastic work in the '60s, including several James Bond themes ("Goldfinger," "Diamonds Are Forever," etc.). This is a nice electronica remix of one of her campier tunes. 8/10

3. The Roots, "Star/Pointro" -- This is the opening track off The Tipping Point, and it's a nice slow one that builds off Sly Stone's "Everybody is a Star" and only gets better from there. Much like the combination of your chocolate and my peanut butter, this is a mixture that works incredibly well. 8/10

4. The Budos Band, "Deep in the Sand" -- I don't know much about the Budos Band; I think I-Rod passed along a CD of theirs to me. But I know I like them. Their stuff sounds like the instrumental score to a blaxploitation flick. Big, balls-out and brassy. 7/10

5. The Replacements, "Bastards of Young" -- An outstanding song from the outstanding album Tim. I'll let Pedro rave about them in the comments and bitch that this score is too low. Bring it on. 9/10

6. The Arcade Fire and David Bowie, "Wake Up (live)" -- This is a recording from a concert at Radio City Music Hall. I saw Arcade Fire at Summerstage in Central Park a week later and predicted -- correctly, for once in my life -- that they'd be joined by Bowie for a surprise performance of this at the end of the set. (They also returned the favor and sang "Queen Bitch" with him.) Absofuckinglutely amazing. 10/10

7. R.E.M., "Pretty Persuasion (live)" -- Huh, another live tune. This is from a 1985 concert -- in Germany, I think? Some place called Rockpalast? The original is one of my favorite tunes of theirs, off my favorite album of theirs. This is a shitty recording though, a little all over the place. 5/10

8. Girl Talk, "Keeping the Beat" -- Gregg Gillis is a phenomanal DJ and mixer (the extra "G" stands for "great," I believe), but his first album was a tad scattered and uneven. Compared to the next two, which are fucking brilliant, this is just a little tame. 6/10

9. Superchunk, "Precision Auto (live)" -- Jesus, I think my laptop wants to go to a concert. This is a great tune by the kings (and queen) of indie punk-pop, but again, the recording (from Lord knows where) is a little dicey. I bet all the pogoing from the band threw the sound technician off. They made me spill my Olympia more than once. That's three cents worth of beer you owe me, Mac! 7/10

10. Ella Fitzgerald, "The Muffin Man" -- Why yes, I do have a child. But this is a pretty nice version all the same. 6/10

That adds up to an impressive 7.6 average, which is easily the highest rating I've had in years.

Let's see what you can do. Drop your own FRTs, with or without the patented Coolness Self Audit, into the comments. If you're too lazy, just unleash your thoughts about mine. And if you're too lazy to do even that, the nurse will be in to roll you over and prevent bedsores any minute now.


Mike said...

First of all, mad props on the Girl Talk. If you're too ADD for Girl Talk, you got problems. Big ones.

1. Joy and Jubilee by Bonnie "Prince" Billy.
Not his best song. Still gets a 6/10.

2. Femme Fetale - Velvet Underground.
Crassic. I don't even need to justify this getting a 9/10

3. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? - Travis.
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. Kinda catchy. But totally gay. Yes, I used to like this. Eat me. 3/10.

4. I'm not in Love - Talking Heads.
I pretty much have Talking Heads on my iPod to impress people. It's kinda like most modern art. I can appreciate it, I guess. But I wouldn't say I like it. But THIS SONG, I actually like. That's a funky white girl on the bass, son. 7/10

5. St. Andrew's Fall - Blind Melon.
Love me some Blind Melon, but this song is just good, not great. 4/10.

6. War of Man - Neil Young.
Neil Young is hit or miss for me. This song is... how do you say... ah yes... right on. 7/10

7. Baby Be Mine - Michael Jackson.
Shameless Justin Timberlake impression. Worst song on Thriller. 4/10.

8. Firecracker - Haiku D'Etat.
man, this group sucks. I bought it based on the recommendation of some guy at a music store who seemed to know what he was talking about. Fucking dick. 0/10

9. Paralyzed - Ride.
yawn. 3/10

10. I Am Not Batman - Mogwai.
It's hard to properly judge a single Mogwai song. By itself, it's just not that great. But it's still pretty sweet. 6/10

peb said...

5. The Replacements, "Bastards of Young" -- An outstanding song from the outstanding album Tim. I'll let Pedro rave about them in the comments and bitch that this score is too low. Bring it on. 9/10

Even if you gave it a 10, that score would still be too low.

Mike said...

An imposter!

Anyhow, a very solid FRT, OM. Through the first 6 or so I thought we'd break the magic 8 mark. I-pods are a bitch.

Except they're so fucking great.

wv: asicks

Otto Man said...

Girl Talk is phenomenal live, by the way. For a guy essentially playing tracks off a laptop, it's surprisingly energetic.

The toilet paper rolls attached to leaf blowers probably help.