Sunday, June 08, 2008

Caption Contest

As long as he's still president, we'll still keep targeting him.

Have at him.


Otto Man said...

"Now, what am ah bid for this healthy white baby?

Come on, people, this crushing national debt ain't gonna pay for itself!"

Otto Man said...

"And ah will name you ... Simba!"

Wes said...

"Hey, Condi! Go long!"


Mike said...

. . . and as I promised y'all almost 7 years ago, we caught him.

Lady's & gentlemen, I present to y'all: Osama bin Laden.

Studiodave said...

"In lieu of a missle defense shield which is not quite working or cheap, we will hoist babies into the skies to prevent evil doers doing evil. Or something."

Smitty said...

Finally, Jacko felt exhonerated.

Hup said...

Hey guys, I want to chat with you about your caption contests and photos on your blog when you get a chance - email me when you have a second?

My caption:

'Hell, I've eaten a burrito in Texas that was bigger than this thing...'

Talk to you guys soon!


Gareth Thomas Searle said...

enlist her!


Making plane noises 'wheeeeee, wheeeee' finaly someone who gets shoch and awe thing.