Thursday, June 26, 2008

Short and Curly

So Libya, which produces a scant 2.2% of the world's oil, says it may cut its production, which caused a spike in the price of a barrel of oil. They didn't actually cut anything, they just said they were thinking about it.

Remember when we were against Libya because they sponsored terrorism? Now they can make a suggestion and hurt every single person in the U.S.

God bless that sweet crude.


Smitty said...

This oil crap is a racket. Even Wall Street is more resilient to news than oil producers are. My God, they jack-up prices just because someone might consider a future action maybe.

EArlier this week, the Saudis increased production, but speculators said that it would have no effect on prices. Why?

It makes me wish they had cars powered on anger...

Thrillhous said...

Man, I could go for an anger-powered car.

Introducing, the Ford Rage!

Otto Man said...

I heard Ed Begley Jr. owns a car that runs on his own sense of self-satisfaction.