Sunday, December 14, 2008

"I Mean, Who Throws a Shoe? Honestly!"

Speechless. I'm speechless.


Smitty said...

Yeah. Agreed. What do you even say or do about that? Other than exactly what this video had at the end of it.

Otto Man said...

You know, Smitty, I didn't even realize the clip had that at the end until just now.

I saw it on our local news and grabbed it off YouTube without watching. (30 seconds was too much time to invest.)

At least I picked the right title.

Mr Furious said...

That's no joke...haven't you guys seen "Single White Female?"

My reactions to this event in toto:

1. That's fucked up.
2. Nice duck (for a lame duck).
3. I hope those shoes were covered in dog shit.
4. Was every single SS agent in the room texting their girlfriend? It took like a five-count to get to that guy.

[word verification: "mashin" which is Arabic for footwear assault]