Friday, January 16, 2009

"Kent, I'd Be Lying If I Said My Men Weren't Committing Crimes"

Incredible piece in The Nation about racial vigilantes in New Orleans after Katrina. Go. Now.

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Wes said...

The DoJ - the new DoJ, not the toothless, pro-corporate and pro-rich-white-choad agency it is under the Bush Junta - should sweep in there and arrest anyone quoted in that article as have taken part in the vigilante activities.

I'm loath to use the word "subhuman," because the fascists and Nazis among us really believe in the concept, but if anyone was less than fully human in that story it was the sorry SOBs with the guns. May God have mercy on them, because we shouldn't.

If there is a God, all their daughters will have sex with black men. If God is truly just, all of their sons will as well.