Friday, March 13, 2009


If you missed last night's epic showdown between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer, holy crap.

It was like watching Mike Tyson mercilessly kick the everloving shit out of a third-grade girl. (Not only did he humiliate Cramer, but he might have gotten Cramer a nice little SEC investigation of his own.) In thirty years, they're going to revisit this interview as a full-length movie, sort of a cross between "Frost/Nixon" and "When We Were Kings." Stew-art, boom-a-ye! Stew-art, boom-a-ye!

You can check out the full interview online, including bits that had to be edited out for time. Part 1 of 3 is available on the Comedy Central website here.


Smitty said...

I watched it. Cramer tried for a half hour to defend himself when Stewart's indictment was towards CNBC and the MSM itself. Stewart's point was that the MSM is complicit, and that Cramer is just but one very obvious and public example of that.

I loved a segment, about half way through, where Stewart essentailly said that Cramer, by his own admission, knew this was going on, knew what was happening, and underplayed it.

Otto Man said...

The only shame here is that Rick Santelli -- the derivatives nutjob who started the whole thing with his bizarre rant about those greedy homeowners getting 10% of what his industry got -- wasn't the one getting the beatdown.

If I were Cramer, I'd kick that guy in the nuts the first chance I got.

Mr Furious said...

Nice how the (relatively) liberal Democrat is the only guy with the sack to show up and face the music...

Where was Mr Big, Tough Capitalist?

All that said, fuck Cramer. He cheered as loud as the rest of 'em. All his "woe is me/I'm a crusader" reeked of after-being-caught guilt.