Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Beer Fairy?

A new campaign is underway to fight underage drinking. It includes a public service announcement with results of a recent survey which asks kids where they are getting booze.

"We were astounded when we found that 65 percent of youth reported that they obtained beverage alcohol from friends or family," said Dand Fudurich with the Century Council. "This meaning they got it from their parents, their friend's parents, older siblings, family members or older friends with or without permission."

Why was the fact that teenagers get booze from older friends so astonishing? What's shocking to me is 35 percent of teens do not get alcohol from either friends or family. Where can these people get it from? Kids these days must have some really good fake IDs or something.

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Otto Man said...

I guess they rely on the kindness of strangers.