Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

True that. Biggie Smalls had it right!

Unfortunately, apparently Congress is more of a West Coast Hip Hop crowd (Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube) and hasn't learn from my man, the Notorious BIG. See below from some cracker newspaper...

WASHINGTON - Utah Rep. Jim Matheson staged his annual congressional pay raise protest Tuesday, arguing the nation has more vital needs to fund. Education, health care, the war on terror, the national debt - to mention a few

What the good Congressman is neglecting it that times are tough and if you're not looking out for yourself, who will? Besides, how you gonna pay for your Country Club dues with a measly $162,100 a year?

Seriously, I wish my job awarded pay raises for arguing with my coworkers and not accomplishing anything - while we're at war.

Word up.

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