Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Conventional Wisdom II: The Whitening

Consider this an open thread for all things related to the Republican National funeral Convention.

The Pill-Popper Twins made an appearance last night, and this evening features speeches from Still-President George W. Bush, Pretend-President Fred Thompson (who is not at all a celebrity, thank you very much), and Droopy Dog stunt double Joe Lieberman. Should be an exciting niiiiiiiiighfdjskmzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Studiodave said...

I literally could only stomach 3 minute intervals. (1) Fred Thompson is a dolt. (2) Zoidberg - how does he sleep at night? (3) How has no one said about George Bush - you have your own jet and can be here and back in 3 hours - *and* the hurricane passed.

Talking point for RNC today - "McCain lead troops in battle" - he flew a plane, right? I'm struggling to recall a Iwo Jima moment, or even a "gulp" Kerry SwiftBoat moment.

Otto Man said...

I have to assume Fred Thompson is either trying to reach out to the young voters with that orange fake tan or else he has a serious health crisis. (Is it pica, Fred? Stop eating the clay!)

I was surprised they put Zoidberg on after Basset Hound Fred. Isn't that like mixing Ambien and Nyquil?

I believe McCain was briefly in charge of a flight group, but only during peacetime. He did succeed in crashing five planes during his service, though. Maybe that's why he's tough on government spending; he feels he needs to pay us back.

I'm looking forward to Palin's talk tonight, especially because it'll lead to another hour of my wife sitting next to me asking "Are you fucking kidding me?" over and over again.

rusrus said...

Yes, tonight's Palin-o-rama is not to be missed. I'm especially waiting for the, "Gimme an 'M,' gimme a 'c,' gimme another 'C!'" and so on. Then McCain can call her a cunt from the sidelines... Classy.

Smitty said...

McCain lead troops in battle

As a grunt in the Marines, I have some opinions about flyboy fucking fighter jockies. These are not constructive opinions.

Studiodave said...

"I learned that the Marines never leave their dead and wounded behind, officers always eat last, the US Army is chickenshit in combat, the Navy is worse, and the Airforce is barely even on our side." ~ Jim Lehrer