Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

While Joe Biden was making the rounds on the cable news networks last night -- you know, like you'd expect a top campaign surrogate would -- Sarah Palin was on a bar crawl in Philadelphia. No, seriously.
Palin entered the bar after the press pool was pre-positioned in the rear of the venue. Donning a red Phillies jacket that was purchased for her earlier in the day, Palin came in to a loud roar, and the bar quickly descended into a mob scene. She was dressed casually, wearing jeans, a brown leather belt with a leopard-print buckle, and a white t-shirt underneath the Phillies jacket that read "Sarahcuda."
What is it with Republicans and the need to constantly promote their own nicknames?

McCain couldn't stop referring to his own nicknames last night -- Maverick, Sheriff, Ol' Crotchety Pants -- but Palin went one better, and was actually wearing a goddamned t-shirt with her little nickname on it like she was Laverne Fucking DeFozio.

It's like the Seinfeld episode where George tries to get people to call him T-Bone and fails. Only this is so, so much funnier.

Also funny? When Miss Teen South Carolina made some impromptu remarks to the crowd:
She made her way through the crowd, all smiles, and stepped up on a dais in the corner to make some brief remarks:

"Thank you. Thanks for inviting us into The Irish Pub and we know this is going to be a great night for our ticket. Thank you for being here for rooting on John McCain tonight in the debate even, you guys, thank you. Yeah.

"Great to be here in the city of brotherly and sisterly love. Thank you and we feel that. And truly all the support that you're providing us in this area that is so paramount to victory on November 4th. We thank you so much for all your support. Hope we all get around to meet each and every one of you so I can personally thank you guys for the support that you're showing and for being so reform-minded and knowing that we have opportunity to put government back on the side of the people and shake things up in DC.

"And for that I thank you for being on the team, and hopefully we can bring more people from this area on that team, you guys, truly. As our mission, getting to D.C. shaking things up, working for you. John McCain and I will never forget whom we are working for is for you. So we love you guys, city of brotherly love. Thank you."
Yeah, it's hard to understand why they're keeping her away from the press.


Tymannosourus said...

Her speeches read like those Nigerian chain letters asking for your bank account.

Ra_wiggum said...

As a young boy I dreamed of being a baseball, but now I say we must move forward not backward, upward not forward, and twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!!

Smitty said...

I have family in Philly. You East-coast folks know it...that the nickname for that city is ironic. It is everything but.

Remember the Rockly movies where he jogs through neighborhoods and the people are cheering him? No. In the really Philly, he'd be ducking insults the whole time, even as the reigning Champ.

I wonder, then, if the loud roar was actually a good ol' Philly jeering.

Smitty said...

Also, I love how she comes with interchangeable outfits. You're in Philly today, Ms. Palin, so here's a Phillies jacket. Then tomorrow morning you're in Boston, so we'll make sure you have a Sox shirt.

Pandering at its worst, with their pretty little dress-up doll.

Blue State R said...

"Pandering at its worst, with their pretty little dress-up doll."

You Democrats are more sexist than any R. No wonder you tossed out Hillary.

Smitty said...

You Democrats are more sexist than any R. No wonder you tossed out Hillary

Figures you'd miss the point on sexism. That statement is clearly an expose on the extremely sexist reasons you all picked Palin in the first place.

And NOW....after decades of missing the point...NOW you think you have *finally* figured out sexism???

Otto Man said...

You Democrats are more sexist than any R. No wonder you tossed out Hillary

Christ, is that the best you all have? Yawn.

What exactly did we toss Hillary out of? We're sexist because she came in second? I guess that means Republicans are biased against Mormons and evangelicals because Romney and Huckabee weren't chosen over McCain?

You know what's sexist? Having John McCain go with Palin to interviews and speaking on her behalf because the poor little woman can't be trusted with the microphone.

roland said...

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