Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Wire Rap-Up

This is pretty damn good. A five-minute rap song, by the aptly named Mad Skillz, that recaps the entire five-season run of "The Wire."

If -- for some ungodly reason -- you've never actually watched "The Wire," also known as The Greatest Fucking Television Show of All-Time, then be warned that this is chocked full of spoilers.

And seriously, if you've never watched "The Wire," you ought to be ashamed of yourself. What are you, Amish? No? You spend time watching TV and you haven't watched the crowning accomplishment of the medium? Turn off "Two and a Half Men," sack up, and enjoy the ride.


peb said...

Actually, if you're watching Two and a Half Men, don't even bother watching this because you will never regain whatever shred of integrity you may have had before watching that show. Watching an infinite number of Wire episodes will not help you get your dignity back.

peb said...

By the way, that "SHEEEEEIT" at the end was a nice touch.

Bob said...

Sorry. Never watched the Wire.

Shoot me.

Otto Man said...

Don't make me send out the hired goons, Bob.

Never watched the Wire? Have you never watched the sunset? Have you never tasted ice cream?