Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Contrary to popular belief, this blog is no more dead than Terri Schaivo was before the liberal courts murdered her.

I have stirred from my waking nightmare known as parenthood to endorse Barack Obama. All others are crap.

Johnny E was my man for the White House, but after he racked up more losses than the DC Generals, I took a good look at Hillary and Barack. Although I used to be an anyone-but-Hillary type of guy, I was pretty impressed w/ her campaign in the early months, and I came to believe she'd make a pretty damned good president. I eventually settled on the Big O, but it was a close call for me.

My high opinion of HRC changed after Super Tuesday, when Team Hillary morphed into Team Rove. The last two or three months have been downright sickening. I know, Obama's done some mudslinging himself, but he's been bringing a knife to an IED fight. And don't give me the electability bullplop. McCain has no chance. Freakin' Nader could probably beat him. At least Nader hasn't been hugging W.

I loved Big Dog Clinton, but he had his flaws. Throwing his allies under the bus was one of them, a big one. No more triangles, dammit. I hate geometry.

Hillary doesn't need to stop campaigning. She just needs to stop campaigning like a Republican.


Otto Man said...

Don't call it a comeback. We've been here for years.

I had the exact same evolution, as T'Hous. I started off as an Edwards man, then almost had to flip a coin to vote for Obama on Super Tuesday.

But ever since then, I've gotten more and more pissed off about the Clinton campaign's effort to out-Rove the Republicans. Obama winning the nomination would be great for many reasons, I think, but purging the party of the DLC shitbags like Penn, McAuliffe and Carville would be one of the best.

Seriously, every time I see one of these assclowns on TV, I wind up donating another $25 to Obama.

Studiodave said...

There is a quickening in the air. The team is united.

My only add would be *if* Karl Rove had mystical powers, were we are today would be the only way the GOP would have a shot at the White House.

GOP: How in the world could we in? Iraq - bad. Economy - real bad. Afganistan - don't ask. Likability / approval rating - ouch!

Rove: I see. I see... So the only solution is the Dems need to lose it.

GOP: Go on...

Rove: Let the primary race continue for some rediculous amount of time. They will highlight their internal issues and ignore our damage.

GOP: Great as always Karl!

Rove: But wait. This still doesnt guarentee it. What if we somehow throw race, feminism, and fear if Islam wiht someone with a crazy name.

GOP: That would be a dream. But how?

Rove: Don't ask. Don't tell. haha. hahaa. hahaaaaaaaaa!!!!

GOP: haha. hahaa. hahaaaaaaaaa!!!!

IludiumPhosdex said...

New GOP Campaign Hymn: "Land of Hope and Glory," sung in an awful, martial-stylee staccato.