Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama-Williams 2008

Hillary Clinton might have wrapped up the endorsement of North Carolina's governor, but Barack Obama picked up an even more important one the same day.

Update: Someone's mixed together the UNC scrimmage with one from Ft. Bragg, plus some high school games of Obama's, and set it all to Dilated Peoples.

Holy fuck, I can't believe we have a chance to have this man be president. I hear Hillary's working on a video of her playing shuffleboard to a soundtrack of Celine Dion.


peb said...

This has been an interesting situation. The prevailing belief down here was that Roy Williams was decidedly more conservative than his mentor Dean Smith. And I may be a little more skeptical than others but that "future president" line doesn't necessarily imply endorsement to me. It could've been Roy playing nice for the media. That being said, it was a genius political move by Obama to counter Hilary's endorsement by Mike Easley (who is a lame duck anyway and is involved in an e-mail deleting scandal now).

Of course, beyond the Democratic primary, there is the general election and the writer neglects to mention the substantial portion of North Carolina residents who are NC State fans. These fans are generally more conservative but definitely hate all things UNC-Chapel Hill. So this photo op basically means Obama can write off any those fans (although he probably wouldn't have gotten their vote anyway). Actually, the State fans are probably less upset about Williams tacitly endorsing Obama and more upset about UNC apparently violating NCAA rules by having a coach watch an offseason pickup game and the NCAA saying they're not going to do anything about it.

Otto Man said...

Yeah, I thought about the NC State ramifications. (Duke doesn't matter, as New Jersey residents have already voted.)

Easley won't have the same effect as Rendell or Strickland did -- no real machine politics in NC, too late an endorsement, and as you note, he's a lame duck.

I wish Edwards would get off his ass and endorse Obama already. All his backers have moved there already.

peb said...

I don't know what the deal with Edwards is, but when I get home tonight, I'll walk down the street to his house and tell him to get with the program.

Thrillhous said...

Not so sure it'll hurt him with Wolfpack fans. I think the Pack fanbase basically reflects the state: more conservative than the tarheel wusses, but not necessarily crazy conservative.

And let's face it, it's been so long since State's basketball program was relevant, I doubt anyone really cares. Come on, Sidney Lowe, turn it around!

Thrillhous said...

Also, I think the Wolfpack loathe UNC, but we respect them. For Duke, it's all hate, no respect. Freakin' Bobby Hurley.

Otto Man said...

I believe you mean Bobby "Squirts" Hurley.