Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Uh, Son ... There Ain't No Draft No More."

For those of us who are diehard football fans -- as opposed to, you know, communist pederasts -- the NFL Draft looms as a wonderful oasis in the middle of the desert of the long, painful offseason.

The first day certainly didn't disappoint. Lots of interesting picks -- and I'm not just talking about Keyshawn Johnson's decision to let the Brooklyn School for the Blind dress him for the ESPN coverage. The Falcons turned the page on their glory days of dogfighting by taking a bland new quarterback, the Titans and Raiders continued their race to see who can put a dozen mediocre running backs on their roster at one time, and the Vikings managed to make it to the podium when their time was called.

Most important, my beloved Chiefs used their record-setting 84 picks well. I'm thrilled to have Glenn Dorsey on the squad, as I've always believed that a D-lineman whose names come from big band leaders of the 1940s is an unstoppable force. And the other picks are looking so solid, I'm convinced that Herm Edwards has been taken over by some sort of space alien. And I'm fine with that. Although, in the end, I'm confused by the new feeling I have. What's the opposite of a sense of impending doom?

What about the rest of you? Any thoughts?


Studiodave said...

When I was in sales, just out of school. I was struggling hitting my quotas.

So, I talked to my boss about my frustrations and asked what I could do differently. He said he didnt know, but thought I was just in a down spot.

"The good news," he said, "is you can't fall off the floor."

That's where the Falcons are. So anywhere is up from here.

Otto Man said...

"The good news," he said, "is you can't fall off the floor."

I always took comfort in that fact whenever I'd passed out on the floor in college.

Otto Man said...

The Bucs now have 7 QBs -- and Jeff Garcia is the best one.

Ra_wiggum said...

Whatever, I'm holding out for the CFL draft on April 30th. If you finish last in the league, you still get the 8th pick, how can you lose?!

By the way, since the Ottawa franchise folded, the league is now also known as the "No RoughriderS Football League"

Otto Man said...

So only one team is named after a studded condom? So sad.

peb said...

First of all, what's going on here? I had left this blog dead and buried months ago and all of a sudden it's alive with political and NFL Draft analysis. Did all of you arise from your collective coma at the same time?

Second, I would like the Chiefs draft except they seem to adhere to the Chicago Bears School of Drafting where picking a quarterback is forbidden even if the ones you have are unproven or inadequate. Is Brodie Croyle really the answer?

Thirdly, did you just call Darren McFadden mediocre? Didn't he just rush for 1800 yards and 16 TD's last year? Didn't he come in 2nd for the Heisman 2 years in a row? I have doubts about the Raiders' offensive line and the team owner's overall sanity, but I have little reservation about this pick and would consider him far above mediocre. Reserve him for me in the Prison League next year.

Lastly, I think the Eagles had the best draft even though I can't remember who they drafted in the 1st round and the midget receiver they took in the 2nd. In Andy Reid I trust!

Otto Man said...

Is Brodie Croyle really the answer?

Unless the question is "Who do I not want at the reins of our offense?" then no.

did you just call Darren McFadden mediocre?

If the Raiders offense can suck the life out of Huggy Bear's son, it can make anyone mediocre.

In Andy Reid I trust!

He appreciates your filial adoration, especially since both his sons are in lockdown.

peb said...

In Andy Reid's coaching and personnel evaluation ability and not so much his parenting skills I trust!

I just checked and the Eagles didn't take anybody in the 1st round this year. They traded out to get Carolina's 1st round pick next year. I'm sure that will pay off as Carolina is looking like they will abandon their entire passing game this year.