Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The 18 and a Half Million Messages Gap

Remember when the Republicans and the mainstream media went into absolute convulsions because Al Gore called for donations to the DNC -- legally, as it turned out -- from the White House?

Remember when the House Republicans convened committee hearings to see if the Clinton administration used the White House Christmas card list to identify possible donors? Remember how they took 140 hours of testimony on that vital question?

Well, keep all that in mind when the inevitable "who cares?" comes up from the media and the Republicans over the latest mind-boggling revelations over the White House RNC email scandal. It's much, much worse than we'd previously been led to believe -- surprise!

Keith Olbermann has the goods. Stunning.


Mr Furious said...

I still want to know how they can claim executive privilege if they used rnc servers.

Otto Man said...

Yeah, that's the real sticking point. They exploded their own lame defense with this schtick, and God willing, Henry Waxman is going to destroy them for it.