Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Karma, Dude. Kar-ma."

Speaking of absolute babies, Ann Coulter has been busily trying to find new ways to shock us all and thereby sell her ten-minute hates books. (These days, every time I see Coulter roll out her stupid schtick, I'm reminded of this classic Onion piece.)

Take the latest. Yesterday on the Today Show, she said “if I’m going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.” Today, she was on Hardball, and fittingly got her bony ass handed to her by Elizabeth Edwards.


sideshow bob said...

Mann, she really has some serious mental problems...a complete lack of ability to empathize, and a utter refusal to recognize any facts that don't fit in her elaborately constructed world-view.

Get Dr. Phil on the line!

Bird Spot said...

Yeah, she was squirming, alright. Her many hair flips gave her away.

Otto Man said...

a utter refusal to recognize any facts that don't fit in her elaborately constructed world-view.

Ever see the interview she did with the CBC? She makes a comment about how Canada sent troops to Vietnam, is politely corrected by the reporter who knows that's not true, but sticks to her guns anyway. Priceless.

Mr Furious said...

Sullivan linked to that as well and says "watch Ann Coulter melt in the face of the truth" and "Watch Coulter wither and flinch. It's rare to see a simple confrontation on cable television of good versus evil. And it's encouraging to see evil lose."

I'm not seeing it. She was as unapologetic and disgusting as usual. I see no evidence that Elizabeth Edwards did anything other than make Coulter nervously toss her hair a few times. She was rude right back to EE and again after the call, and continued to call John Edwards essentially a pussy for having his wife make the call. And frankly the crowd was embarrassingly behind her through most of it. There's a moment where they cheer about political dialogue, but overall I found the whole clip so discouraging that I had to cut it off right after EE hung up even though Matthews was supposedly keeping the pressure on.

The sight of her talking face makes me want to fucking explode.

Otto Man said...

Matthews said he had Ann Coulter on because "she sells book."

As Atrios notes, her book is currently around # 6,500 on the Amazon non-fiction list. Glenn Greenwald's new one is #1.

He sells more books, it looks like. Wonder when he'll be on?

sideshow bob said...

OM- I did see that...like a three year old with cookie crumbs all over her face, she is!

I've noticed that she and her ilk have a tendency to project any faults or shortcomings they have onto anyone who disagrees with them.

Notice how, in the interest of raising the level of dialog, I didn't put quotation marks around the word she in the previous sentence.

Mr Furious said...

"...her book is currently around # 6,500 on the Amazon non-fiction list"

Non-Fiction? Well, no wonder, OM, you're looking on the wrong list!

Otto Man said...

Well played, Mr. F.

M. Bouffant said...

Just so no RW A-hole corrects you (thereby, in its mind, rendering your item completely invalid) Witchy-Poo was on Guten Morgen Amerika, not Today. Thanks for the Onion link, I was laughing out loud.
And by the way, her latest screed came out in paperback yesterday, explaining her sudden appearance throughout the media.

Otto Man said...

Ah, GMA. Thanks for the correction.