Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Random Simpsons: YouTube Edition

Now, I haven’t been the best Jew. But I did rent Fiddler on the Roofs, and I will watch it! Until then, have some Simpsons.

I had so much fun using the Canyonero video last week that I decided to do all YouTubes this week. Sure, it's probably illegal, but Rupert's a cool guy, right? He'll get it.

1. The Itchy and Scratch and Poochie Show. My knob tastes funny. 7/10

2. Bart on the Road. Ah, the classic spring break episode. 9/10

3. And Maggie Makes Three. Story of Marge getting pregnant with Maggie. Good show, but not as good as the others from the sixth season. 8/10

4. Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass. N/A

5. Tennis the Menace. N/A

6. Treehouse of Horror VIII. Damned French. I knew it was them. 6/10
7. A Tale of Two Springfields. I did see this one. Wish I hadn’t. 2/10

8. Homer the Heretic. Awesomely awesome. I predict it will make this guys’ Top 5. 11/10

9. A Star Is Torn. N/A

10. Marge in Chains. Another classic. Good Troy action. 11/10