Sunday, August 24, 2008


I wasn't exactly doing cartwheels when my email alert went off at 3 AM EST that Biden is the answer. Anyone else underwhelmed?


Noah said...

Actually, I really like it.

Otto Man said...

Speak for yourself, gassy one. Biden wasn't my first choice, but Obama could've done a lot, lot worse.

The text message I got from a friend here at 3am said it all: "Joe Motherfucking Biden! Get excited people! The fucking gloves are off!"

He's going to be an effective attack dog on the campaign trail, sticking it to McCain early and often. Hell, the crack he made about "seven kitchen tables" in his first speech was phenomenal. This is the guy who cut of Rudy Guiliani's nuts and he can do the same with McCain.

He's adds a lot to the ticket, not just in terms of foreign policy cred, but more importantly, in terms of reaching out to Democratic voters that sided with Clinton in the primaries. He's Catholic and has a "regular guy" vibe that even the media can't deny.

Electorally speaking, he sews up Pennsylvania -- they must've mentioned he was raised in Scranton a million times, and he's known as the state's third senator -- and helps across the Rust Belt.

Compare him to some of the other finalists -- boring conservative Bayh, newcomer Kaine, and Sebilius who would've angered the Clinton folks -- and he looks even better.

I'm sold.

Studiodave said...

I think it kills the prospect of change as a sell - which I thought was O's big sell.

Also, and I cant remember where I stole this from - but Biden reminds me of Casey At the Bat. Seemed to have such greatness only to strike out every time he opens his mouth (non scripted).

I've never come away impressed from a Sunday talk show interview.

Also, I'm surprised the campaign didnt even have a placation strategy to the Clintons of (1) asking for financial records, (2) asking Bill's esteemed advice.

I wouldnt consider either critical other than it takes away excuses for the Clintons to further undermine this.

PS - I still am hugely disappointed with the duo from Arkansas.

Otto Man said...

You're buying the RNC talking points on this one, Studio.

If Obama had gone with someone with even less Washington connections than he does, the ticket would have been immediately dismissed as a lightweight one.

Obama's got enough change cred on his own. What he needed now, and what he got in Biden, was something to reassure the people who were worried there would be too much change and too little experience. People who are voting on that factor aren't going to be put off by Biden.

As for the Clintons, there's nothing short of turning down the nomination and handing it over to Hillary that would've placated them. No other losing primary candidate has been this kowtowed to in the past, and yet they and their supporters keep sniffing that it's not enough.

They have a chance this week to come out this week with strong enthusiasm for the ticket and the party. If not, they need to be served a steaming hot cup of Go Fuck Yourself.

Studiodave said...


As always - you are the conscious voice of reason in my "No Spin Zone - Spin Zone World".

Onwards and upwards!

Otto Man said...

I'm here, Studio. I'm here.

Ssssssh. It's gonna be alllllllllright.

rusrus said...

Yeah, Biden's a great choice for all Otto Man's reasons. Also, he has a super-compelling personal story of how he's worked his ass-off his entire life.

And more, he's not afraid of anyone, and will probably bring a brick to the debate with the Republican VP asshat stupid-enough to come to the debate.

It's a done deal.

Otto Man said...

If Romney gets the McCain VP spot, I'm going to a bar to watch the debate.

Thrillhous said...

Ditto Otto and you non-Studio guys. The ticket says "Change, but not too much change."