Thursday, December 21, 2006

All's fair in love and war

Say you are reminding a group of 10 year olds that Christmas is really about love and Jesus and all that warm and fuzzy stuff, but those meddling kids just won't shut up about presents. What do you do?

Children left a school Christmas assembly in tears after claiming a vicar said Father Christmas does not exist.

Teachers at St George's C of E Primary in Mossley told the Rev Martin Dowland he had upset children after reading `Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus'.

It was during the reading with colleague the Rev Richard Lindsay, of St George's Church, that Mr Dowland is reported to have said: "You all should know by now that he (Santa Claus) is not real."
This is the nuclear option in the War on Christmas. If Fox News is serious about winning this thing, all they have to do is run big obnoxious graphics telling the world that the jolly old elf is a bunch of hooey.


Otto Man said...

Lies! All lies!

Bob said...

Oh how "Christians" love to ruin Christmas for kids.

I too was informed by the local evangelicals that Santa did not exist. This was when I was about 7. This particular family did not believe in the Santa thing and all 12 kids loved to ruin it for the rest of us. They did believe that Jesus came to their house and left presents on Christmas Eve though. I am not very religious, but of all the things you could teach a child about the examples of Christ, this family choose to tell them that he came to earth - not to die for our sins but - to give kids Transformers and Atari games on Christmas. Hmmmm, I am pretty sure this ain't what God had in mind.

alex supertramp said...

bob -- you are wrong, baby jesus loves atari, and teenage jesus is all about the new playstation (the jerks, however, don't celebrate xmas at all.....)