Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stabbed in the Back

You just can't make this up. Tom DeLay is blaming liberals for the failed war in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

What a tool. Wow.

To his credit, that's about as direct and "tough" as I've ever seen Colmes.

Look closely, Tommy's not used to being challenged, and he didn't handle it well. No snarl, just dithering & nonsense.

Have you seen Cafferty's rant last night? Furious links to it (via C&Ls). Nice one.

Noah said...

I love it. That's the attitude that just lost all those seats. Nobody buys it, Tom.

Otto Man said...

Honestly, this kind of thing makes me thrilled. If the Republicans are still in a deep state of denial about why they got booted, then it's all the better for the Democrats.

Just like the ISG report. I really thought Bush and Co. would seize on that as political cover to get out, but they're sticking to their guns, and it's creating some internal strife in the GOP. Senators up for re-election in '08 are starting to attack the administration's efforts, while Bush and McCain are pressing ahead.

Sweet. It'll be nice to watch a circular firing squad from a safe distance.