Friday, December 01, 2006

Ku Klux Kramer, Pt. 2

Thanks to the fine folks at Shakespeare's Sister, we're proud to present National Lampoon's discovery of a long-lost episode from "Seinfeld," in which Kramer's crackerisms are fully explored. Enjoy.


Mike said...

I saw that at Shakes the other day. Is that some funny shit or what?

Otto Man said...

Hysterical. They did incredible work digging out some of those clips. The taunting-the-monkey one was an amazing find.

Mike said...

Among the proliferation of cool, homemade vids on You-Tube lately, I'm not sure what impresses me more: the "content"/substance, or the top-level editing skills, both sound and visual.

This one's top notch.

Otto Man said...

Yeah, I was expecting low-grade jump cuts, but they smoothed it out well and even added a laugh track of their own to make the sound cuts smoother.

Sadly, this is probably the best film to bear the "National Lampoon" label in two decades. Sure beats that Van Wilder dreck.

Mike said...

Talk about a franchise that's gone nowhere.

Animal House, Vacation (which wasn't even in AH's league if we're honest with ourselves) and then . . . ???