Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tetris + Geography = Stateris

If you think that naming all 50 states is a piece of cake, why not a real challenge: putting them in place Tetris-style.

The easy version has the names and rotation in place. The hard setting is just an unnamed spinning statelet.


Wes said...

4:34.4, but only because California (big-ass state) came down AFTER the entire midsection was filled and I couldn't get it over fast enough.


sfta said...

No fair. You have to spell them correctly. I blew three minutes on Massachusetts.

wfta said...

and i can't even spell my own name.

sideshow bob said...

It took me over 12 minutes, but only because there's no pause button and I got a phone call about a minute in.

Wes said...

I improved my time to 3:51.1. I have no life.


Thrillhous said...

Took me 16 minutes on medium difficulty. Damned Rhode Island.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Did the hard one at work in 8:16.6 (stupid meeting warning kept popping up), and did it again just now in 5:40.5 (stupid Oregon! I don't know what it was hitting to make it ding off).

Wes said...


Eat it.

Crap, I have no life. None at all.


Wes said...

And that was for the hard one.

Someone, please - put me out of my misery. This small town is sucking my soul!