Saturday, July 26, 2008

Corvette Summer

By now you've heard that Bob Novak, the spy-outingest pundit in DC, hit a man with his Corvette a few days ago. The original story was that the man was 66 and had very minor injuries. Turns out the injuries were a bit more significant, and the man is 86.

No word on whether two puncture wounds were found on the man's neck.


Otto Man said...

"To the Douchemobile!"

Mike said...

Novak drives a 'Vette?

Ugh. Can you see Bob rockin the T-top? Unfortunately, I can.

Otto Man said...

Now I have an image of Bob Novak in a tank top.

Thanks, Mike.

Studiodave said...

BOOOOO Thrillhouse!

"Washington journalist Bob Novak, 77, announced he has a brain tumor"

Otto Man said...

Really? He probably gave it to himself to cast attention away from the incident.

Yeah, I'm going to Hell. But Novak will be there first.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Woo hoo! Off my TV hopefully for forever!!