Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Need for Speed

So CNN has been running a fluff piece interview with Cindy McCain all day.

The upshot is that, unlike that evil terrorist Michelle Obama, the Second Mrs. McCain is just a regular ol' billionaire heiress gal who hobnobs with NASCAR drivers and thinks the only way you can travel around Arizona is by "small private plane." (That last bit is missing from the even fluffier write-up on CNN.com. Of course.)

The best part is that, this afternoon, deep from his undisclosed location in The Situation Room, chronic shouter Wolf Blitzer introduced the piece with a comment on Cindy McCain's "need for speed."

Uh, Wolf, given her history, that's probably not the best phrase to use there.


Wes said...

And of course, let the record show that the sale of flavored water giant Anheuser-Busch to InBev will help poor little Cindy McCain with her huge honkin' American Express bill.


Otto Man said...

If that were Michelle Obama, Wes, we'd have 24/7 cable news coverage of "how the Belgians are paying for the Obama campaign!!!!!"