Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"We've Officially Bottomed Out"

If you've missed the media hysteria over Gen. Wesley Clark's insane, outrageous, outlandish comment that simply being a military veteran doesn't entitle you to a free pass on issues of foreign policy, TPM has distilled the hyperventilation into a nice little clip here.

Man, I wonder why the cable networks keep losing viewers.


Mr Furious said...

Hoo boy. That whole affair just about sent me over the edge.

I saw a clip of that interview, and came away so impressed with the job Clark did I penned a whole post on what a kick-ass surrogate he is for Obama.

Then I heard about this uproar, and I was all "the same interview I just watched?"

Then I saw that Clark was being roasted on a spit for refuting Bob Schieffer's own fucking ridiculous words, and I just about lost my shit.

Then when Obama threw him under the bus, I felt I needed to start breaking things...

Then I realized I need to stop paying attention to this shit.

Otto Man said...

I had the same reaction. "Hey, Clark is going to be an awesome vice-president!" And then the perpetual tantrum that is the McCain campaign ginned up the outrage machine and it all went off from there.

That said, Obama didn't really throw him under the bus -- and, for the record, I'm banning that cliché from this site as of right now -- but distanced himself slightly. When reporters pressed him on it the second day, he said it wasn't important, and he's ignoring the calls to have Clark kicked off the campaign.

I think his VP chances have dimmed given the media hyperventilating, but I think he should still be involved.