Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Film Forum

I haven't managed to get tickets to see Dark Knight yet -- stupid soldout IMAX theaters -- but the word on the street is that this thing is going to be big. Gabby Hayes big.

The film is packed with terrific performances, but keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by none other than Senator Pat Leahy. He makes an appearance in a ballroom scene where Heath Ledger's Joker puts a knife to his throat. Apparently, Leahy's a big Batman fan and the director was impressed by how he had handled himself when Leahy had a similar run-in with the Penguin.

Consider this an open thread for a discussion of all things movies. For starters, the new trailer for the Watchmen movie has me all tingly, but talk about what you'd like. But please don't put in any spoilers for Mamma Mia! because I haven't seen it yet.


Noah said...

Hancock was kinda a letdown. His transition from misanthrope to generally-good guy was brief. I mean, the movie was what, an hour and a half? Short by today's standards. Spend, you know, another 45 minutes developing his character, and this would be a better movie.

Otto Man said...

When did Will Smith have a chance to say "Welcome to Earff"?

I hear he's contractually obligated to say that in every film he does.

peb said...

Y'know, I love The Watchmen comic. But that trailer...I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that the guy from 300 is doing this instead of other directors I like better who were originally attached to it (Terry Gilliam just to mention one). Or the fact Simon Pegg was originally going to play Rorschach instead of Kelly Leak. Or that Nite Owl looks too much like Batman. Or maybe it was that lame Billy Corgan song in the trailer (that was him, wasn't it?). I suppose I should reserve judgment until I actually see it, but I'm thisclose to registering my Comic-Book-Guy-like displeasure.

Otto Man said...

Are you serious? That movie is going to be the greatest thing since curly fries.

I love the guy, but Simon Pegg would've been horrible as Rorshach. I'll but him as a young Scotty, but Rorshach needs to be brutal and cold, and Jackie Earle Haley is going to be great there. (Did you see him in Little Children? Creeeeeeeepy.)

The casting I'm bummed about is John Cusack not getting to play Nite Owl. He's the right age and shlumpiness for the role. And, yeah, it looks a little Batmanesque, but so did the original character.

Go check out the official website for the film. It's amazing how well Snyder was able to capture the look of the sets, costumes, etc. I love Gilliam, but I think this is in good hands.

Thrillhous said...

You know what sucked? Hell Boy 2.

Cloverfield was a total surprise for me. awesome.

Otto Man said...

I'm stunned on both counts, T'hous.

I'll still watch both on HBO six months from now, i'm sure.