Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Random Ten

"Let's see.... We need a name that communicates that we bring some lick-smacking soul in slightly doughlike bodies. How about ... "Juicy Fruit'?"

"Brilliant. Call the people at Casablanca Records and tell them we've struck gold. Gold, Jerry!"

Alright, let's bring the pain:

1. 2Pac and Talent, "Changes." Great song. Listening to it now, it's hard to decide what's more mind-blowing -- the fact that they made a riff from Bruce Fucking Hornsby into a great hiphop loop, or that the lyrics include lines like "And although it seems heaven sent / We ain't ready to see a black President"? Ah, 2Pac. If only you'd lived to see the Changes We Can Believe In. 10/10

2. Sacre, "Mad World" -- If you ever saw Donnie Darko, you'll recognize this song immediately. This was, I think, a Tears for Fears song originally, but this version is much better. Very haunting, very sparse, very Jake Gyllenhaalian. 8/10

3. Mountain, "Mississippi Queen" -- "Sometimes, I'm like yes, yes, yes, keep on rockin'! And other times I'm like no, no, no, don't stop rockin'!" 7/10

4. Paul Howard and His Cotton Pickers, "Drinking All My Troubles Away" -- This is off a terrific compilation of old country hits called "Hillbilly Boogie." A nice little number about a timeless alcoholic truth. 8/10

5. Dean Martin, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" -- Insert joke about Dean Martin and red noses here. 3/10

6. Ennio Morricone, "Money Orgy" -- This is from the soundtrack to a 1968 movie about a master thief called Diabolik. I've never seen it, but this glimpse of the scene with the song suggests it is one spicy-a meatball. 6/10

7. Louis Jordan, "Jordan for President" -- Jordan was called "King of the Jukebox" for a reason. This isn't one of my personal faves -- while "What's the Use in Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again?)" is a classic -- but still a solid hit for the midcentury phenom. 7/10

8. Booker T. and the MGs, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" -- My wife likes Christmas music, what can I say? This is actually a pretty funky rendition. 7/10

9. Patton Oswalt, "Robert Evans" -- Normally, I skip past comedy bits here. But Feelin' Kinda Patton is one of the best comedy albums of all time, and this bit -- a long-winded ether-fueled routine about Hollywood movie producer Robert Evans, subject of the excellent The Kid Stays in the Picture -- is fanfuckingtastic. Attention must be paid. 10/10

10. Muddy Waters, "Evil" -- Hot damn. Easily my favorite bluesman, even though it's hard to believe his real name (McKinley Morganfield) seemed to be showier than his stage name. I could listen to the Chess box set all day long, and this is a terrific track. Especially since it's reminding me of how good Jeffrey Wright was as Waters in Cadillac Records. 8/10

Alright, that gives me a 7.4 on the day. Looks like I'm at three-quarters cool this week. Might be as good as I get.


Otto Man said...

Upon further reflection, "Juicy Fruit" is the name of the album, not the band.

Screw it. I like the Casablanca Records joke and I'm not changing it.

Mike said...

1. The Books, "Enjoy your worries, you may never have them again". I honestly didn't even know this was on my iPod. Didn't love it, but makes me want to listen to the rest of the album. 3/10

2. Beck, "Nicotine & Gravy". My iPod likes Beck, Bob Marley, and Grinderman a lot more than I do. Not that I don't like them, but my iPod ALWAYS want to listen to them. 3/10

3.The Knife, "Neverland". 2/10. Not looking so good.

4. Prince, "Diamonds and Pearls". Excuse me while i go kick my own ass. Game, blouses. 1/10.

5. Stephen Malkmus, "The Hook" 8/10. really? 8/10? well, when you set a low bar with the first 4, this song rules. Plus, it's got pretty solid cowbell.

6. Uncle Tupelo, "Give Back the Key to my Heart". 7/10 everyday of the week. this is just solid, solid stuff.

7. Mates of State, "These Days". From the Wicker Park soundtrack. Not proud to own a soundtrack (other than Black Caesar). 6/10

8. Badly Drawn Boy, "Bewilderbeast". Title 10, song 3. Ok, the song's better than a 3... just referencing A Chorus Line like I always do. 5/10.

9. The Secret Machines, "Sad and Lonely" 6/10.

10. Sunset Rubdown, "Swimming". Some of my friends are HUGE Sunset Rubdown fans. I just don't think they're exceptional at all. I haven't seen them live, but my friends have. Is that the difference? Am I missing something? 3/10

4.4 average. My iPod's better than this. Fucking bullshit.

Otto Man said...


Never seen Sunset Rubdown live, but Wolf Parade -- which has some of the same folks -- is one of the best live bands I've ever seen.

alex supertramp said...

Ceu - bubuia - mmm -- off the new release by this beguiling Brazilian songstress ... a smooth dose of flamenco over a tempting bossa groove. nice 7/10

Little Feat - Willin - a classic southern rock track and one of my personal faves, it suffers however, as this is a horribly recorded live version that emphasizes a certain acoustic country charm, but looses the soulful ache of the studio version (and several other live versions i have!) 6/10

Street Sweeper Social Club - The Oath - I can't get enough of this new release by Boots Riley and Tom Morello ... AWWWWWWW shit, throw down motherfuckers, throw down - "I'll fight, even if i won't win" ..YEAH!!! 8/10

Steel Pulse - Dem a Wolf - you can't really go wrong w Steel Pulse, but this tune is a bit overly bouncy --- but it still has a smooth groove and that catchy steel pulse power...7/10

Bitter:Sweet - Drama -- i really dig electro-pop sirens, and this is a solid release ... but a bit repetitive and disjointed on this track...4/10

Bibio - Fire Ant - indie rock and electro-house, nope, can't work...oh shit, this is the dope ass groove....okay, bring it...8/10

American Analog Set - White House - not feeling the AAS right now, the poppy indie rock emo over the twee electro groove just isn't grabing me ... and usually it does...4/10

BengA - Go Tell Them - benga brings the funky dubstep... and i find the energy to funk right along...7/10

Don Omar - Oasis -- electro- reggeaton? damn iDon, you kick my ass....8/10

Burial - Spaceape - more dubstep, darker, scarier; help me spaceape, don't kill me ... this track could use a bit more beat, but it still keeps the groove, and it brings the paranoid fear.7/10

Eels - Wooden Nickels - Mark Oliver Everett is the shit, from his initial release as E up to the latest Eels release. In my eyes he can do no wrong (plus you have to cut the guy some slack for all the shit he's endured), his perfect mix of pop, folk and world-weary advice is the perfect friday afternoon send-off...8/10