Sunday, July 12, 2009

Miss Republican

I'm as sick as anyone of the nonstop media circus that is Sarah Palin, but this piece from Andrew Sullivan on Palin and the larger state of the Republican Party is too good to pass up:
And this helps explain the broader problem with American conservatism right now. It is less a movement than an industry. From Fox News to talk radio to conservative publishing houses, it has created an alternate and lucrative media reality that is worth a fortune to those able to exploit it. Alas, these alternative media thrive on paranoia, hatred of liberal elites and growing extremist rhetoric made worse by a hermetically sealed echo chamber of true believers. Anyone criticised by the left or even by the establishment right is a martyr in this world. In America, martyrdom sells. And Palin is a product worth lots of money.

She wants some of it; and she has no actual interest in governing America (even though she’d love the title of president). She referred to giving up her “title” as governor, not her “office”. In this, she is the ultimate Republican of this degenerate moment: all culture war, no policy; all identity politics, no engagement with practical answers to difficult public problems; and all hysterical opposition to Barack Obama, no actual alternatives offered.
The whole thing is excellent. Enjoy.


Mike said...

She referred to giving up her “title” as governor, not her “office”.

Great observation.

Otto Man said...

I'm surprised she didn't have it written on a sash.

Thrillhous said...

I really, really want her to run for president. I might even contribute to her PAC.

Otto Man said...

I heard Eric Cantor might run too.

Oh sweet Jesus, I would love to see those two ultratards try to debate one another.