Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nailin' Palin

What Anonymous Liberal said.

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Bob said...

Overall a good article, but I am not a fan on the “Emperor wears no clothes” analogy. There are plenty of “children” out there saying Palin is a dimwit. Some of them are even Republicans.

I would agree that the media covers her too much, but that is as much John McCain’s fault as anyone’s. She would still be Sarah who? If McCain hadn’t elevated her. The media coverage is no different than when the media covers any other grotesque spectacle ad nauseam.

The real pattern her is the one followed by the Republicans that want to groom her to be the next George Bush. They think that if they run another Bush-like campaign where they keep repeating falsehoods about their candidate, eventually everyone will believe them. It worked for George, why not Sarah? Hopefully we, as well as the media, are all a little smarter today than we were during the last administration.

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