Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where Have You Been?

An in-law of mine forwards right-wing cartoons, emails, etc., about 5 times a day. Just recently there's been a lot of stuff about Michael Jackson, his funeral, and the sick society and MEDIA that loves it all, usually juxtaposed with the story of a war hero or recent fatality in Iraq or Afghanistan. They end with some variant of "Why isn't the MEDIA focused on soldiers dying instead of Michael Jackson???"

To which I say, where have you been? Us naive libruls have been saying for years that the media should cover the wars more. It was conservatives who approved of the ban on photographing soldier coffins, it was conservatives who went bonkers when Nightline had the temerity to read the names of those killed in the war (back when the list was short enough to read in a few hours).

And unemployment. Just about all of my conservative friends are insisting that the true unemployment rate is 16%, because the way unemployment is accounted leaves out various unemployed groups. However, back in 2004, they scoffed at the idea that the low-ish unemployment numbers missed anybody.

The deficit is out of control, say my conservos. Yes, the same people who supported two wars and two rounds of tax cuts.

I wonder what's next. Gay marriage?

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Otto Man said...

Remember the guiding principle of the blogosphere:

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