Thursday, June 01, 2006

Old Man: Scantily Clad Underage Girl Made Him Do It

Mrs. Thrillhous passed this delightful article on to me this morning.
HAUSER (AP) — Well, she LOOKED 21 anyway, maybe older, and what’s more the clerk at the small store in this Coos County town says he was much distracted by what he called the young lady’s scanty attire. So distracted, he said, that he didn’t see the “Minor until 2007’’ stamped on her driver’s license. She got the six-pack, and store owner David Cardwell got a $1,320 fine. The clerk had to pay $750. Rather than pay, Cardwell says, he will take the alternative and close the store for a week. . . . His clerk had been stung by an Oregon Liquor Control Commission decoy sent to test for underage sales.
As the wife said, at least this guy's name is appropriate.

Then I got to thinking, what a classy guy this is. His employee is so busy looking at some girl's bazongas that he doesn't do his job, and the store owner blames the girl? I don't like to get to religious around here, but has my boy Cardwell read Genesis? Does he know what God thinks of guys who try to blame women for their own lack of self control?

Note that while he defends his employee against this libidinous harlot (he says later in the article that he'd never let his daughter leave the house dressed like that - yeah, and no teenagers ever change their appearance after they're out the door), there's no indication he's going to pay the guy's $750 fine. He's just going to close up shop - depriving his employees of their source of income.

On top of all that, I am annoyed by this guy's sense of entitlement. A liquor license is not a right (which the liquor commission notes in this other report on the incident), and if this guy can't handle ID'ing cute girls, he should turn in his liquor license.


Otto Man said...

As a former bouncer, let me say that carding is a very tough job. What with the basic math and reading comprehension and all.

S.W. Anderson said...

I don't like this entrapment thing, especially when the state sends out a sexpot to do the trapping.

It reminds me of the old humorous illustration of how crucial the placement of a comma can be:

A hot-looking girl in a super-tight green uniform is standing on a streetcorner with a little pink box in her hand. When a guy walks by she asks, "Wanna try a Girl Scout, cookie?"

Without the comma it's pretty innocent, but with it . . .

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