Monday, June 19, 2006

Spain to secede from the US

While watching the Spain/Tunesia World Cup match, they panned the crowd after a goal by Spain. There in the middle of the waving Spanish flags was a rebel flag: the Stars and Bars in all of her glory. They showed this section of the crowd more than once, so I know I wasn't hallucinating. Can anyone come up with an explanation for this?


Mike said...

Maybe Basque & Catalan separatists admire & aspire towards the efforts of our own Seceding States. (Did I spell that anywhere close to accurately?)

Maybe Jefferson Davis nailed some sweet Spanish Tail on a backpacking trip to Aragon in 1847?

Maybe there's a dude on the Spanish team named Bubba? There's a guy on Brazil's squad named, "Fred," so who knows.

Thrillhous said...

Some sort of marketing scam for Dukes of Hazard 2?

Pooh said...

I was gonna say, maybe it was a flag with confederate pattern and catalan colors?