Monday, April 16, 2007

Activate This

Courtesy of the fine people at McSweeney's Internet Tendency, we're proud to pass along the secret diaries of Zan, the male half of the Wonder Twins.

Here's an excerpt:
January 24: New low today. As Black Lightning and Green Lantern were harassing Aquaman for lame superpower of talking to fish, he responded by saying, "At least I can do more than take the 'form of' an ice ladder!" and stormed out of the room. And he did that air-quote thing when he said "form of." Somehow, that made it much worse.


TravisG said...

I was out inspecting the grounds back in February, after a super-cold snap, when I found the gigantic ice penis. See, moisture that escaped from my furnace vent had dripped down in the sub-zero temperatures and formed an ice stalagmite about 18 inches tall and a good 6-8 inches around. It looks exactly, and I mean exactly, like an enormous ice dildo.

I use the present tense "looks" because I've still got it, stashed away down in my deep freeze. Sometimes it makes appearances at parties, usually accompanied by a "Form of, a gigantic ice penis!" introduction.

Maybe I'll post a picture of it sometime.

Otto Man said...

That's outstanding. You should've contacted your local news station so they could've done one of their patented stories along the lines of the old woman who saw the image of the Virgin Mary in a cinnamon roll.

Wes said...

Trav, you need to keep that in your freezer a la Bill Cosby's snowball for Junior Barnes. I wanna see that in July.