Friday, April 06, 2007

Mission Accomplished (Reason #83)

Is "oops" the proper reaction? (From CNN)

NEW YORK ( -- Despite claims by some critics that the Bush administration invaded Iraq to take control of its oil, the first contracts with major oil firms from Iraq's new government are likely to go not to U.S. companies, but rather to companies from China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The Asian firms are at an advantage for several reasons.

First, less constrained by Western sanctions during the Hussein regime, they've been operating in Iraq and know the country's oilfields, said Falah Aljibury, an energy analyst who has advised several Iraqi oil ministers as well as other OPEC nations.

Aljibury said the first contracts likely awarded will be to the Chinese in the south central part of Iraq, the Vietnamese in the south, the Indians along the Kuwaiti border, and the Indonesians in the western desert.

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S.W. Anderson said...

Too soon to tell if this is meaningful beyond the way it appears. As the story points out, these contracts aren't that big.

These deals could turn out to be like the tinfoil chaff B-17 crews pushed out over target areas in Europe during WW II, to confuse enemy radar.