Monday, April 02, 2007

"Dan Quayle in Cowboy Boots"

Kevin Drum passes along this scathing appraisal of Bush and Cheney from the Washington Post:
"For all the Rove-built facade of his being a 'strong' chief executive, George W. Bush has been, by comparison to even hapless Jimmy Carter, the weakest, most out of touch president in modern times," Gold writes. "Think Dan Quayle in cowboy boots."

Gold is even more withering in his observations of Cheney. "A vice president in control is bad enough. Worse yet is a vice president out of control."
Ouch. The best part? This wasn't written by some wide-eyed leftist. Nope, the author is Vic Gold, a longtime Republican operative who is a close friend of the Bush and Cheney families.

Or, given the scathing tone of this piece, perhaps that should read "... was a close friend ...." I have no doubt that the Halliburton hired goons are on the way to his door right now.


Smitty said...

We've got nowhere to go but up. Well...if on the off-chance McCain wins, we're fucked again, but barring that we really can only go up from here.

I'll even take Hillary, our very own opportunist (the Repubs have one too in Mitt Romney). How bad can she be?

If my own friends talked this much shit about me (and not in a bar over drinks whilst hitting on a waitress), I'd never show my face from the same. He seems unaffected.

For some light, comedic reading.

Otto Man said...

Red State. So much denial, so little time.

Mike said...

I knew Dan Quayle. And George Bush, sir, is no Dan Quayle.

sideshow bob said...

I prefer the personal touch you only get with hired goons.

S.W. Anderson said...

Hmmm, Vic Gold, then Matthew Dowd. What's that line about rats and a sinking ship?

The ultimate would be right-wing Republicans holding a gala go-away celebration for Bush in January '09 — just after he has left town.