Thursday, April 05, 2007

If only Bonnie came with it

For the right price, you can own a piece of my childhood:
KITT, the flame-throwing, river-jumping, talking muscle car from the 80s TV show Knight Rider, is up for sale.
Restored to its debut-season glory, the modified black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am is being offered at $US149,995 at a Dublin auto dealership.
Johnny "Vette" Verhoek of Kassabian Motors has had the car, officially called Knight Industries Two Thousand, on display for about a month.
It is one of four documented "camera cars" used for close-up shots and scenes where David Hasselhoff, who played Michael Knight in the series, was behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, every time Michael Knight hit "Turbo Boost," it ripped a huge hole in the ozone:
KITT isn't even street legal because of missing smog equipment and other modifications.

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