Saturday, May 05, 2007

Caption Contest

In anticipation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's upcoming state dinner with the Chimperor, I thought we should use this picture of the Queen with Deadeye Dick.

Release the royal hounds!


Otto Man said...

"... and then, your Highness, Reggie Jackson comes strolling in from the outfield, brainwashed and with a gun in his hand, just saying over and over again, 'I must kill ... the queen.' Really funny stuff."

Smitty said...

Caption from paper Cheney is seen about to pass to the Queen:

"Do you think Margaret Thatcher likes me?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Maybe

verity said...

"No, Mr. Cheney, I wouldn't care to join you for an evening of 'devil-may-care fun. And no, I don't find it amusing how your name rhymes with queenie.

"Now, bugger off."

Otto Man said...

"We urge you to go fuck yourself."

cachick said...

Jamestown. I can't believe this guy is one of our colonists. If I'd known this would happen, I would have ordered The Deliverance loaded with rocks. We should have let the French win. And these hat pins are killing me.

Mike said...

Bloody hell, this fat bastard thinks I'm a quail. And he did shoot his own solicitor in the face, didn't he? Good lord, I'd actually rather sit next to that buffoon boss of his.

Oh no, he's starting to drool. Philip?

Bob said...

Queen: What the fuck did you just say to me?

Cheney: You heard me.