Monday, May 07, 2007

The Department of Gallant

This image comes to you from Jesus' General, which is quickly emerging as the one-stop shopping center for all of your Highlights magazine-related sarcasm program activities.

Enjoy the entire series.


Bird Spot said...

Otto: Glad to know about this series. I'm compelled to share my Goofus and Gallant blog post. (Since you taught me how to do italics, can you now teach me how to do links in the comments??)

Otto Man said...

Short and sweet.

To do a link, it's a little more complicated. It starts off with "<","a"," href=" followed by your website link in quotation marks, ">". Then you put the word(s) that'll be your link. Then close with "<" "/" "a" ">".

Mr Furious said...

As mentioned in the comments at JG, the resemblance of Gallant to a young Sean Hannity is uncanny!

Otto Man said...

Holy crap, you're right! From the helmet hair to the wagging finger, it's a perfect match.

And Goofus looks a bit like John Kerry.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Wasn't Goofus the one with the flipped hair and bully look? or am I misunderstanding the placement of the captions?

Mike said...

Gallant is Hannity. It's indisputable. Let's sum up:

Laura Bush: Joker.

George Bush: Cheetah

Sean Hannity: Gallant

Dick Cheney: Jabba The Hut (in personality as well as looks).