Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Atomic Wedgie

Some times you read a news story and feel better about yourself. Sure, you're looking at news stories killing time while your pr0n downloads, but some people are not as cool as you.

Take these guys, for example. They started camping out Monday, November 6 outside a Best Buy to be the first kids on the block to own a Playstation 3. (This would be the Playstation 3 that goes on sale November 17.)

They quit jobs and postponed buying engagement rings for their imaginary Canadian girlfriends in order to stay unwashed and uncovered in a parking lot. All this to have a Playstation 3 a full 8 - 12 hours before the rest of America does.

They're dorks, right? Well, what would you say if after sleeping on the sidewalk for four days Best Buy kicked them off their property with nothing to show for it.

I feel cooler now, don't you?


Tokyo Joe said...

Homer: Heh-heh-heh, I did it. Second in line, and all I had to do was miss eight days of work.

Man: With the money you would have made working, you could have bought tickets from a scalper.

Homer: In theory, yes.

[sotto voce]

Homer: Jerk.

Actually, it would have just been easier for these to guys to have a friend buy one in Japan and mail it to them. I'm sure if they pooled their resources they could have sent at least one of them over here where the PS3 has been out since Friday. But I'm sure the whole mess would have self imploded into one of those cliche, greed driven tragedies where they all kill each other for the privilege of going to Japan (the Mecca for geekdom).

Otto Man said...

That is so sad. At least their moms can bring them dinner in their basement room.

Norbizness said...

And the scoop I got from the Best Buy clerk when I got my X-Box 360 (after not sleeping on the pavement) was that the Playstation 3 was an overpriced piece of shit with a criminally low number of games that would be available at the time of rollout. Now that's pwn3d.

Tokyo Joe said...

overpriced piece of shit!!!

Are you crazy? The PS3 is by far the best of the next gens that are coming out. But don't just take my word for it, check it out. And while I admit the opening day line up might be a little anemic, Sony has some major heavy hitters coming in 2007. Can you say Metal Gear Solid 4? The series that epitomize the whole stealth game. How about Gran Turismo HD? The game that all other racing games are measured against (and GT always comes out on top). What about Final Fantasy? There is no more rabid RPG series out there. And on top of that you get a Blue Ray DVD player. A stand alone Blue Ray would cost over $1000 bucks by itself. But even more important is the fact that future PS3 games will be designed to fill up to 25-50 gigs on each disk. the most you will get for a 360 is 8 gigs. so while the 360 might be a good toy to buy today, the PS3 is definitely the machine that will dominate for years to come.