Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vegas Baby!

The official policy of LLatPoN is that we do not encourage people to gamble, unless they want to have fun.

That being said:

Will Warren Beatty declare his intentions to run for Governor of California?
(Current odds: Yes -130, No -110)

Will Samuel Alito be confirmed as US Supreme Court Justice before Dec. 31?
(Current odds: Yes -125, No -115)

I'd really like your opinions. I know this guy who like totally thought Kerry would win so he, like, totally spent his family's Xmas gift fund. His wife was three shades of angry when my wife told her. But that's another story....


Otto Man said...

After the insanity of last year, Beatty doesn't sound so insane. I think he might declare, so put me in the yes column there.

The Alito issue is a lock. According to this CNN report, the Senate Judiciary Committee isn't going to begin the hearings on his nomination until January 9th, which by my calendar is after December 31st.

Wait -- I thought that was too good to be true. Bodog has the deadline for the bet as "December 31st, 2006." That makes a bit of a difference. I'd vote for Alito's confirmation then.

There's one sure thing to bet on, though. If you tell Studiodave a secret of any kind, he'll blab it to his wife like a little girl. (And, no, I'm not the guy who bet the farm on Kerry.)

Studiodave said...

Its like our very own "Clue". OK, if Col. Mustard didn't do it in the Hall - then who did?

sideshow bob said...

What are the odds that Tom Landry kept his hat on while he made sweet love to his wife?

Thrillhous said...

Watch it Sideshow, you're coming awful close to sacrilege!

I think Scalito is going to be my lock of the week. Beatty, not so much.

I was reading over at MyDD about how some folks want Bruce Springstein to be the interim senator for NJ to finish Corzine's term. I dunno about that.

Studiodave said...

Well, he was born to run.

Otto Man said...

I bet Corzine picks Codey as his Senate replacement. The GOP is likely to run Kean Jr. next year and Codey's the only name in the state that could stand up to him.