Friday, February 24, 2006

Dark Days at the Corner

The Corner, 4:07pm:
ON TOPIC [Ed Capano]

I just want to let all the crunchy cons in Texas know that they won’t be required to wear ties at the NR shindig in Houston.
The Corner, 4:25 pm:

This reader is on to something:

The downfall of civilization can be traced directly to the practice of putting televisions in taverns. Men stopped talking to one another. Then they went home and started talking to their wives to whom they hadn’t talked in centuries. This led immediately to wholesale divorce, which in turn led to women in the workplace and juvenile delinquency. Other ills too numerous and horrible to mention followed until men stopped wearing ties so they wouldn’t hang themselves.
Yeah, if I were a conservative these days, I'd probably want to hang myself too. Good thing they ditched the ties.

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Scott said...

I still wear a tie to work. I'm in trouble.