Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mission Accomplished

I'm thrilled to announce that the Global War on Terror has finally closed in on two of the top threats to the Free World -- Henry Rollins and Morrissey.

No word yet on which one of them is the current Number Two Man at al-Qaeda, but it's got to be one of them. We haven't caught a Number Two Man in several weeks now.


Yossarian said...

Okay, Rollins I can understand because he is such a rage filled man who pumps iron, proudly wears ink, and co-stars in movies with Billy Zane and Charlie Sheen, but MORRISSEY?!!!

The only people who care what Morrissey talks about are women who live alone and name their cats as their best friends in the wide world.

Otto Man said...

Yeah, the Morrissey one was the real outlier. What's he going to do? Make catty comments?