Sunday, March 18, 2007

2008 - The YouTube Election

Mega Dittoheads to all. Here is the first of what I'm sure will be a million approved / unapproved / secretly approved YouTube advertising blitzes. This could be a long election. Enjoy this anit-Hillary piece.

UPDATE : Am I the first to coin this election? Patent pending.


Thrillhous said...

Okay, finally got a chance to watch it. And I didn't get it.

Otto Man said...

It's a weird ripoff of the famous Apple ad from the 1980s, where Big Brother was IBM and the Apple lady was coming to set you free. Or something.

Here, Hillary's boring replies are supposed to be Big Brother, I guess, with the Obama lady bringing more, uh, pizzazz or something.

Frankly, I think the ad's a dud. They've stupidly paired a message from the 1980s with a medium that's mostly used by people who were only born in that decade.

Wolf Blitzer was all atwitter about it today, but I doubt he's their target audience. (And anyway, he gets all atwitter over anything at all. When you have The Situation Room, everything looks like The Big Story.)

Yossarian said...

the ad is so dumb it makes me want to stab my eyes!!

Studiodave said...

I wouldn't focus as much on the ads message or its quality - as much as the ability for any individual with photoshop to gather mass attention.

This is the kind of thing your campaign can launch 10 a day with a dedicated group of graphics folks or the local yokels can lob in as well. All you need is one "star wars kid" and you have a massive advertising campaign for pennies.

Otto Man said...

You just want to coin the election name.