Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fair and Balanced

Courtesy of Kos, I'm thrilled to pass along this video clip that might just be the perfect distillation of Faux News's very essence.

It's a four-minute clip, with the first three minutes devoted to wild speculation that the stock market recently took a sharp dip because Wall Street is currently in a panic that a far-left evil liberal evil leftist like Hillary Clinton might get the Democratic nomination a year from now and, even though a far-lefty-leftist-leftorium like Hillary Clinton could never win the presidency -- because she's so far lefty left left -- the economy would still crumble at the very prospect that she might raise taxes on the richest one percent of Americans, because, you see, she's such a far-left-leftist-lefty.

I'll give you a second to go back and count the laughers in there. Done? OK.

As funny as that part is, they then cut to an actual analyst on the floor of the stock exchange to ask him if people are worried that an even more extreme far-far-far-leftist -- perhaps even that radical Barack Obama, who, sources have it, is partially black! -- would get the nomination. The analyst sheepishly says he hasn't heard a word about it. The host immediately brushes his "facts" away and gets the panel right back to their conservative circle jerk.



Smitty said...

They don't even try anymore, over at Fox, do they...

With the way the host was headed, I am surprised I didn't hear "Marxist" in there.

Otto Man said...

Seriously. I can't decide if they've swallowed so much Kool-Aid that they really believe this nonsense, or if they're just such committed hacks they don't care.

I'm actually leaning towards the former. They may be mind-numbingly dumb, but they look like True Believers. The inevitable crackup is going to be hilarious to watch.

Mike said...

I'm with you. In general, last November was a -- dare I say it -- Tipping Point in American politics. Anyone who stayed in the far right/Bush camp is so off the map they don't even bother with Ptolemy's Round Earth or post-Napoleanic War contrivances anymore.

sideshow bob said...

Sorry, mister. Leave that talk about sub-prime rates and mortgage this and consumer spending that at the door...you're entering a No-Spin Zone!

I hardly see how those subjects have anything to do with the economy!

Mike said...

"The Economy" is Bil Clinton's Penis' fault. C'mon, everyone knows that.

(Except when the made-up figures are positive. Then Bush is responsible.)