Friday, March 30, 2007

President Bush Escapes From Weekly Bath

With the Decider furiously stamping his feet about "executive privilege" in the fourteen different scandals enveloping his incompetent administration, I'm reminded of this classic segment from the Onion Radio News.

It's a minute of audio that'll start playing when you click the link. And, Lordy, is it worth it.


Mike said...

Oh that Curious George. Such a scamp!

(Or is it an "Imp.")

Otto Man said...

Hard to tell the difference.

"Ah have the executive authoritah, and I will not be washed!"

Mike said...

If any human being is more in need of a cleaning.

He's got six years of the most heinous gunk behind his floppy ears.

sideshow bob said...

I just subscribed to the Onion's weekly presidential address last week...good stuff!!!